Is It Worth Buying an Aftermarket Custom Steering Wheel?

An aftermarket custom steering wheel is a super popular modification these days. It makes sense because the steering wheel is basically what allows you to connect and control your car beside the pedals and the shifter.


Having a nice aftermarket steering wheel allows you to basically improve your driving experience. 


The aftermarket steering wheel is a replacement product that is not made by the original equipment manufacturer. Rather, they are provided by third-party vendors. You can choose aftermarket steering wheels according to your preferences such as sizes and materials.


Or you can get them customized. Today, aftermarket steering wheels are available for all cars.


But at the end of the day safety should be one of your main concerns.

Most aftermarket steering wheels come with a flat bottom to help minimize any interference with your legs while you're driving.


Also, they can be equipped with a bunch of grooves to help improve your grip as well as some nice grooves on the nine and three o'clock position for your thumbs and then again on the backside underneath that there are some more grooves for your fingers so a lot of different designs throughout the different steering wheels that are available.


There's also a bunch of different materials to choose from as well for both options you have.


These wheels are usually a little bit smaller to enhance the quickness of your steering response. 


Some steering wheels also have a twelve O'Clock stripe at the very top to indicate. 

As far as the pricing, those OEM-style steering wheels are usually a little bit more expensive. 


If you are looking to buy an aftermarket or custom steering wheel, make sure to choose it wisely. After all, a steering wheel affects everything from your driving comfort, effectiveness to your safety.

One more thing—you need to consider the size, dish, grip thickness and, bolt pattern while buying an aftermarket steering wheel. After all, a steering wheel determines comfort during driving and efficiency to your safety. 


For example, a large wheel can affect your ability to look through the wheel or above it. The size of your wheel also impacts your driving comfort. For example, with a large wheel and a deep seat, it might be challenging to get out of the vehicle without a quick-release “tool”.


At Carbon Cartel, we feature a range of high-quality aftermarket steering wheels. 


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