We are custom manufacturing  company specializing in Carbon Steering Wheels and other carbon components!

What started as a small project  now scaled into a full scale brand reaching across the globe. Originally founded in 2010, Carbon Cartel has been customizing steering wheels for clients since day one. We, at Carbon Cartel Company, are focused specifically to creating your next custom interior modification.
Our 4000 sqft facility located in West Palm Beach, FL, is where we focus our day-to-day producing design, managing orders, and fulfilling sales.

We’ve grown over the years to offer hand-made custom products for a variety of Steering Wheel modifications. Reaching customers around the world we have been able to bring your concepts to life! Our focus is simple – create a custom Steering Wheel  that matches you! Of course, we have our limitations with customization, but we love to push those limits! If you cannot find the steering wheel  on our website that fits you properly, email us through our contact page and let us know what you have in mind.
Give us a try besides hundreds of Customers who already got theirs  and you won't regret any of it!
We truly cannot thank you enough for choosing to do business with us.

Being enthusiasts ourselves, we find it flattering to know that someone else wishes to run something we have created. We love to work with clients and create a custom product that we can both enjoy and be proud of.
Purchase Carbon Cartel's Steering Wheel knowing you’re working with fellow gearheads just like yourself!