How to Install Forged Carbon Mustang Steering Wheel

Today we are going to tell show you how to install a forged carbon mustang steering wheel on your 2015 Mustang GT model through 2017 models. 

At Carbon Cartel, we offer a sleek carbon steering wheel that comes with great aesthetics. 


Let’s Get Started:

(Disclaimer: Use these instructions only when you are experienced in changing the steering wheel or some sort of automobile work. Otherwise, it is better to get it done by an experienced automobile technician.) 


Things You Need to Install Forged Carbon Mustang Steering Wheel

  • T-20 Torx Bit4 mm Allen Key
  • Small Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Plastic Panel Removal Tool
  • ½” Ratchet or Impact Gun
  • 24 MM Socket


 Forged Carbon Mustang Steering Wheel

The Installation Process

Start the Installation by disconnecting the battery.

Remove the airbag using a small Allen key. Avoid putting the key into the little hole. Instead, slide it straight over and then you feel a spring. Push against the spring and then your bag will pop out. Do the same thing on the other side for the complete removal. Pull the airbag and disconnect the plugs. 

Pull the airbag and disconnect the plugs. 

Rub tab out just push down and move that one pop these little orange tabs up.

Let's put your airbag it's up now. Pull this harness aside and unplug the main harness back here. Remove the bolt. 

Now remove the wheel from the car. Start by removing all those screws so that you can remove the trim and the controls. 

Unplug the tab. Remove the screws from the bottom too. Remove the back panel. 

Not it is the time to transfer all these things to the new wheel. 

Install your new Mustang Steering Wheel and tighter the previously removed 24mmbolt. Re-install the controls and tighten the T20 Torx Screws. Reconnect the electrical connections. Reconnect the airbag and put the strap back into place. 

Reconnect the negative battery cable and then check for operations. Take a quick drive to make sure all the control and steering wheel buttons work perfectly. 

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