Can I Install An Aftermarket Custom Steering Wheel If My Vehicle Has An Airbag?

The steering wheel is one of the eminent features of the car. It steers the vehicle and if you meet an accident, the airbag attached to it could be a savior. 


What if you are looking to replace the steering wheel of your car with an aftermarket custom steering wheel? Is it legal to install aftermarket custom steering in your car?


 2010 Camaro Custom Steering Wheel

Why People Change their Steering Wheel?

 Installing an aftermarket steering wheel is not a novel thing. It is quite common to have it in your car. Generally, it looks like a steering wheel that is generally installed in a race car. Thanks to its “innovative” design. In fact, they are designed to keep the racing car’s steering wheel in mind.


For example, Race cars have a thinner and leather-wrapped steering wheel for better grip and an easy “in and out” of the car.


Besides being modelled on a race car steering wheel, the aftermarket steering wheel can generally be quick detached from its hub with “quick release” devices so that the steering wheel will be completely out of the way so that the driver can get out of the car easily.  


Airbags with Aftermarket Steering Wheel: What to Know

Talking about airbags, they are one of the eminent safety innovations of over the years. Airbags ensure crucial cushions for people during a collision, thereby making a difference between life and death.


They are generally hidden but inflate quickly when a crash starts. Front airbags have been made mandatory for all passenger vehicles belonging to the 1999 model year. 


While the law doesn’t deny you to change your steering wheel to an aftermarket one, you could end up having a ticket if there is no airbag in your car that is a post, 2010 camaro steering wheel. 


It’s a violation of the law for a dealership or mechanic to disable or remove any part of a vehicle’s safety system, including the airbags and the airbag indicator light. While federal law might not prevent you from disabling your airbags, it is dangerous. The vehicle airbags are meat to work with the installed seat belts to keep all the passengers in the front seat safe should crash or rollover takes place. 


Therefore, it is important to purchase an aftermarket steering wheel with an airbag. Make sure it is compatible with your car. Get it done from an experienced mechanic. Best of luck!

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