Jeep Track-Hawk SRT Custom Made

$1,389 $1,489

*This steering wheel is for 2014+ Jeep Track-Hawk SRT Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Paddle Shifted

It will come with the Track-Hawk logo

*Steering wheel in the image is finish with Carbon Fiber and LED Performance Lights  

    • Product Introduction

      • Our custom carbon fiber steering wheels crafted from high-quality materials, will give you the ultimate driving experience and pleasure.
    • Features

      • These custom steering wheels are modified versions of OEM steering wheels, which ensure a plug and play fitment by utilizing the best quality cores. Each steering wheel is individually custom handcrafted, comprising over 20 hours of labor to craft each perfect steering. 


      • Considering the production time in producing the custom carbon fiber steering wheels, we ask for your patience. Usually, it takes 3-4 weeks for you to receive the product.


    • True Performance

      • The core of the steering wrapped in extra thick padding, which provides a much aggressive feeling and better handling to the driver. 
      • The bottom side of the wheel is craft flattened for a racing look and better leg room. 
      • All stitching expertly stitched by hand.
      • Carbon fiber accents added to the following contours of the wheel
      • Fully customizable color of stitching, top strap, and carbon fiber. Griping material, and logo
    • What is inside The Package

      • Each kit includes one steering wheel, and steering wheel trim. 


      NOTE: Our steering wheels do not include airbags unless you want 

    • This Product Fits

      • The custom carbon fiber steering wheels are available for a variety of vehicles. If your exact vehicle/transmission is not listed, please contact us at 
      • Fits Most 2014+ Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

        *****Important Note For Customer Before Purchasing*****

        1: If carbon fiber steering wheel comes with OEM multifunction buttons, they are included as complementary. 

        *Buttons condition are variant, please transfer the OEM multifunction buttons from your steering wheel to complete the installation if needed. 

         Heated steering wheel function will be disabled on all of our carbon fiber steering wheel. But you if you want it reinstalled contact us directly.  

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